Sulak canyon

Sulak canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world and the deepest in Europe, its depth reaches up to 1920 meters and a length of 53 kilometers.

It is one of the most famous and most visited natural attractions of Dagestan; every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit it.

Sulak canyon is located in the central part of Dagestan, in the valley of the Sulak river. Nearby is the urban village of Dubki. The nearest and only large city with air traffic - Makhachkala - is located 55 kilometers east in a straight line, and the distance along the road will be about 100 kilometers.

Observation deck on the Sulak canyon

Dubki village, Kazbekovsky district, Republic of Dagestan, Russia. Look at Google maps, Yandex maps.

GPS coordinates:

  • Observation deck #1: GPS 43°00’59.9″N 46°49’54.9″E (43.016635, 46.831905). Look at Google maps, Yandex maps;
  • Observation deck #2: GPS 43°01’15.2″N 46°49’32.2″E (43.020876, 46.825604). Look at Google maps, Yandex maps.

Excursions of Sulak canyon

Group or individual excursion

The price of the tour includes:

Departure from Makhachkala. Place of collection and departure, GPS 42°58’56.9″N 47°27’57.9″E (42.982481, 47.466080), look at Google maps, Yandex maps.
A stop at the Chirkei reservoir formed on the Sulak River as a result of the construction of the Chirkei Hydroelectric Power Station — the most powerful hydroelectric power station in the North Caucasus. The Chirkey hydropower plant has the second highest dam in Russia and the highest arched dam in the country.
Arrival at the observation deck at Sulak canyon. Sulak canyon is one of the most striking and exciting natural attractions of Dagestan.
Walk around the trout farm.
Lunch — national cuisine. Set meals, meat or fish dishes to choose from.
Boat trip through the turquoise waters of the Sulak River. Relaxation and soulful tea drinking with a samovar on wood with national sweets, in a picturesque place.
A visit to the Sary-Kum dune — the largest single-standing dune, not only in Russia, but on the whole continent of Eurasia, reaches an absolute height of 262 m
Return trip to Makhachkala.

How to get to Sulak canyon

To Makhachkala by plane

From the airport to Makhachkala by taxi

  • Transfer (service is provided upon reservation);
  • By taxi.

From Makhachkala to the Sulak canyon (urban village Dubki)


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